Founded in January 2010, allianz q is an alliance of actors from the healthcare sector whose paramount concern is to ensure that quality is entrenched in the healthcare system and continually improved. Following the annual workshop of allianz q, a brochure is always published in which the topic of the workshop is discussed and . Each brochure is devoted to the topic that is discussed and enlarged upon.

This allianz q workshop was held in June for the sixth year running. This time it was about the different ways of looking at quality in the healthcare system. The individual view of quality and the respective demands on quality can vary widely and depend on the personal situation of the individual concerned. For a patient or doctor the defining quality parameters will differ from those of a scientist engaged in drug research or a representative of a health insurer, for example. In the workshop, the participants attempted to extrapolate individual perceptions to form a group way of looking at the issue and parameters were discussed that are required in order to enhance the quality of treatment (outcome quality).

The publication is available in French and German.