The benefits brochure this year is a collaborative publication for the first time. Our partner for this brochure on “Research for and with children” is SwissPedNet, the Swiss Network of Paediatric Research Centres.


More medicines for children

Many medicines that have only been tested in adults are still being dispensed for children. But the body of a child can react quite differently from that of an adult, and active ingredients may be metabolized faster or more slowly. There is therefore an urgent need for the development of treatments specifically for children and adolescents. An expert explains why more studies are needed to ensure protection of children. Fourteen-year-old Darko tells of his participation in one such study and how he dares to do things today he was afraid to do before.

Milestones in the development of paediatric medicines are also presented and, with reference to diabetes and hormone replacement, gut disorders and cancer, examples are shown of where progress has already been made and where there is need for further research. The brochure is obtainable in French and German and has been displayed in more than 2000 doctors’ practices and distributed to paediatric hospitals since September 2016.

Each brochure examines a particular disorder. Patients and their family members are provided with information on the pathogenesis of the disease, the treatment options and current developments in research.