At the Biotech Lerncenter pupils and teachers can find information and examples from the field of modern biological and medical research. The content is organized in such a way that it can be used for lectures or as background information for teachers.

There are 18 updated lessons available at present, and these are steadily being added to. The range of themes covered is extensive - from immuno-oncology, antibiotics, gene therapy and nanomedicine through the manufacture of medicines and patent protection to animal experiments and genetically modified organisms and animals. The subject matter, which is very complex at times, is presented in a balanced and vivid way that is easy to understand. Worksheets are available for download to help deepen the knowledge acquired.

The information offered at the Biotech Learning Center is available in French and German..

High performance in biology thanks to free app

The BioApp for smartphones provides teachers of biology with a new tool for teaching at secondary level II. This app was developed jointly by high school teachers from Northwest Switzerland and IT specialists from Bern University of Applied Sciences. It can be downloaded free from app stores. It is designed to provide teaching support for biology teachers and to help pupils prepare for exams. The centrepiece of the BioApp is a set of questions and answers on different areas of the life sciences. Users can choose how they want to achieve their learning objectives: whether in a playful, entertaining mode, a competitive mode within a set time or as training for the Biology Olympiad.