Interpharma Educationals promotes natural science skills in Swiss schools and seeks to get students interested in natural sciences and technology. Various projects are under way throughout Switzerland and at all school levels. Depending on the teaching staff, these range from a single lesson to a whole week. Besides these projects, the focus is on providing support for teaching staff (e.g. when there is a lack of material for experiments etc.) and “Teach the teachers” courses.

Suitable offering for all age groups

For interested teachers at kindergarten and primary school level, for example, lessons or whole study weeks on natural science phenomena under the motto “science interests me” are being developed for children aged four to twelve years. The Globi Workshop offers a playful setting where children aged ten or older can carry out their first practical experiments in chemistry.

Promoting the natural sciences in schools.

Promoting the natural sciences in schools.

At secondary school level, Interpharma offers Science Weeks and half-day workshops e.g. on topics such as the manufacture of perfume, DNA analysis and nutrition/exercise/health. Guided tours and taster internships are also organized in the member companies of Interpharma.

In the higher grades and in high school Interpharma organizes an annual teacher symposium with more than 150 participants and also College Day with 500 high school students, incl. the presentation of a College Award worth 3000 francs for outstanding dissertations for the school-leaving exam. Twelve school laboratories in the BioValley region (Northwest Switzerland, Alsace and South Baden) and in Ticino are also supported with material resources.