Interpharma and its member companies are actively engaged seeking to develop new, innovative price models especially in the area of combination therapies and in the differing medical benefit in different indications of the same medicine. As a result of the rapid advances in medicine, especially in oncology, greater flexibility is needed in the established pricing model to make sure patients can also continue to have access to the latest treatments. Interpharma is engaged in dialogue with health insurers about reimbursing the cost of innovative combination treatments in oncology. In the past few years, Interpharma has developed approaches for reimbursing the cost of innovative combination therapies in oncology, together with health insurers, which the Federal Office of Public Health has variously applied now and then when setting prices.

The medical advances and innovative therapeutic approaches (so-called targeted medicine, immunotherapies, combination therapies, CAR-T cell therapies etc.) will lead to even more scientifically challenging approval and reimbursement procedures in the future. We expect several hundred approvals of new products, new indications and combinations of innovative medicines in the next five years.

Interpharma remains committed to finding flexible and pragmatic solutions and has stepped up its dialogue with the FOPH concerning adjustments in procedures (see Efficient procedures).