All member companies can delegate experts to the ten formal working bodies of Interpharma and offer their expertise to these groups. The working bodies set their priorities based on Board requirements. These groups are each led by a member of the Executive Committee or by an experienced expert (Chair) and a Vice-Chair. Interpharma provides the working bodies with functional support and undertakes all organizational and administrative work. 

Three high-level working committees and seven subordinated working groups cover six policy fields: 

  • Executive Committee, covering the policy areas Patient Access, Market Approval and Health Policy

    Chair: Olaf Weppner, AbbVie, Vice Chair: Monika Jänicke, Novartis

    • Market Access Working Group
      Chair: Lorenz Borer, Novartis, Vice Chair: Jan Depta, BMS

    • Regulatory Affairs Working Group
      Chair: Sven Inäbnit, Roche, Vice Chair: Annette Fichtel-Dasen, AbbVie

    • Good Distribution Practice - Quality Working Group
      Chair: Nicole Kraus, Roche, Vice Chair: Tamara Bauer, Alloga

    • Health Care Systems Working Group
      Chair: Martin Höhener, Pfizer, Vice Chair: Monika Jänicke

  • Innovation Hub Committee, covering the policy areas Research + Innovation and Pharma + Production

    Chair: Ludo Ooms, Actelion/J&J, Vice Chair: Markus Ziegler, Biogen

    • Animal Welfare Working Group
      Chair: Joachim Coenen, Merck, Vice Chair: Birgit Ledermann, Novartis

    • Clinical Research Working Group
      Chair: Simon Rotzler, Bayer, Vice Chair: Marcus Ritter, Novartis

  • Intellectual Property Expert Group, covering the policy area Intellectual Property Rights

    Chair: Andreas Poredda, Roche

  • Communication Working Group, covering all communication aspects of Interpharma
    Chair: Philipp Kämpf, J&J, Vice Chair: Caroline Hobi, Celgene

Aside from these permanent working bodies there are also temporary task forces that address current issues and needs as required.

In 2018 the following three task forces have successfully concluded their works:

·        Task Force on Reference Pricing System
Sponsor: Frank Weber, Janssen

·      Task Force on Horizon Scanning and Cross Country Collaborations
Sponsor: Jeff Dufour, Pfizer

·         Task Force on Freedom of Prescription and Freedom of Competition
Sponsor: Thomas Lang, MSD

The following four task forces will continue their work into 2019:

·         Task Force Analysis of Art 58 - 67 rVAM TF
Sponsor Oliver Bleck, Roche

·         Task Force on Vaccines
Sponsor Thomas Lang, MSD

·         Task Force Rare Disease
Sponsor Rute Fernandes, Shire

   ·         Task Force santeneXt
Sponsor: René Buholzer, Interpharma