Interpharma is the central contact partner for the media on all pharma industry issues. Besides providing information for the media on request, Interpharma also engages in proactive media work. Two media conferences were held in 2018:

At the end of May, the 2017 international reference pricing system was presented at a joint media conference with santésuisse. This was the ninth time the international reference pricing of medicines had been carried out jointly by the association of health insurers and Interpharma. In June, Interpharma organized a media conference at which the 2018 gfs Health Monitor was presented.

Both media conferences were well attended and led to wide media coverage, both in print and in electronic and online media.


Prominent placement of Europe survey

In addition, 19 press releases were sent out, which were likewise well taken up in the media. In particular, the fifth wave of representative surveys on European policy and immigration conducted by gfs.bern on behalf of Interpharma was featured prominently. The NZZ am Sonntag reported exclusively on this study at the end of April. The first four survey waves had already been prominently reported. On the subject of a uniform system of financing for outpatient and inpatient services, a joint press release by curafutura, santésuisse, FMH, GELIKO, Interpharma, kf, pharmaSuisse, SPO, the Swiss insurance association and vips was published twice.

Interpharma representatives appeared on TV and radio on a number of occasions, answering questions from the media and commenting on current pharma and health policy issues.

Altogether, Interpharma was directly cited in the Swiss print media more than 150 times. Interpharma also issued statements and provided interviews in TV and radio on various questions of pharma and research policy. In addition, countless items of background information, such as data on the pharmaceuticals market, were taken up in the reporting.

René Buholzer gave an interview to EY and outlined how the healthcare system will develop in the future. The title of the EY publication was “From Participants to Principals - How health ecosystems are defining the future of life science players in Germany, Switzerland and Austria”. In its September issue, Bilanz magazine published a contribution in its book reviews column by René Buholzer. The General Secretary used his review of the book “Redefining Health Care” by Michael Porter and Elizabeth Teisberg as an opportunity to address the need for reforms in the healthcare system to maximize the benefits for patients. Only in this way, he writes, will it be possible to cut costs. In the September issue of Life Science Recht, the law journal for pharma, biotech and medtech, Interpharma contributed the foreword, where addressed the issue of delayed access to innovation jeopardizing Switzerland’s position as a research and business hub.

praxis gsundheit akut  - Nov. 2018 with René Buholzer and Marcel Plattner

praxis gsundheit akut - Nov. 2018 with René Buholzer and Marcel Plattner

Marcel Plattner, President of vips and René Buholzer, discussed the importance of the pharmaceutical industry and the framework conditions required for research, development and production in the TV programme of ). Radio SRF 1's discussion programme "Forum" on 15 November was devoted to the topic: "Expensive medicines for everyone - or soon only for a few? Guests in the one-hour discussion were: Thomas Cerny, former Head of Oncology/Haematology at the Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen and President of Cancer Research Switzerland, and René Buholzer, who presented the views of the pharmaceutical industry.