The three publications “Pharma hub Switzerland – Zurich-Zug-Lucerne”, “Pharma hub Switzerland –Basel Region”, “Pharma hub Switzerland – Greater Bern-Lake Geneva region” offer regional data on the life sciences industry in these regions and provide an overview of the most important inward investment factors compared with international pharma clusters.

The life sciences industry has grown to become one of the most important pillars of the regional economy in various regions of Switzerland over the past few years. Aside from the Basel region, Switzerland’s pharma cluster par excellence with 28,500 employees and the largest proportion of the Swiss pharmaceutical industry’s value added, the life sciences sector has also become increasingly important in other regions of Switzerland. With an annual average growth rate of 5.6 percent in the real gross value added over the last ten years, the region of Zurich-Zug-Lucerne has shown above-average growth and the Greater Bern-Lake Geneva region has become an internationally recognized location for businesses in the life sciences sector. For example, the biotech company Biogen has opted for Luterbach in the canton of Solothurn as the location for the construction of an ultramodern biopharmaceutical production facility. 

While hard factors such as taxation, accessibility, openness to business and access to important export markets and qualified personnel are especially relevant for companies when they have to make a decision on where to locate a business, soft factors such as the educational opportunities on offer and the quality of life play a greater role for employees.

The three booklets are available in English and German, while the booklet “Pharma hub Switzerland – Greater Bern-Lake Geneva region” is also available in French.