On 1 January 2019, the Federal Council brought into effect the second partial revision of the Therapeutic Products Act (TPA) and the implementing provisions. Only the new ordinance on the integrity and transparency in the field of therapeutic products (OITTP) will follow a year later at the start of 2020.

Research incentives in the area of intellectual property

The revision of the TPA implicates various improvements in the area of intellectual property: in future, for example, a ten-year period of data protection will be granted in the case of new indications for medicines with known active ingredients, provided that significant clinical benefit can be expected compared with existing treatments and that evidence of this can be shown through extensive clinical trials. In addition, either an extension of an existing supplementary protection certificate or a separate six-month protection certificate will be issued for paediatric medicines. Finally, a fifteen-year period of data protection will be granted for medicines to treat rare diseases (orphan drugs).

Interpharma welcomes this boost to research incentives in the field of intellectual property, which will enhance the attractiveness of Switzerland as a research hub.