The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) launched a Europe-wide campaign in 2017 and extended it further in 2018. Under the claim #WeWontRest, the campaign highlights the benefits of research and innovation, for without research there will be no medical progress. It is thanks to medicines that many diseases can be cured or at least halted in their progression. Medicines relieve suffering, improve the quality of life and make a major contribution to our ever improving life expectancy.

Employees show their engagement

The second part of the campaign focuses on personal stories of patients. It also shows what researchers are currently working on. In brief statements, the staff of various pharmaceutical companies, including employees from Switzerland, illustrate their engagement and lend a face to the pharmaceutical industry. Taking the examples of Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, HIV, lung cancer and leukaemia, it is shown what has been achieved to date thanks to research and where further efforts are needed in order to defeat these diseases.

Activities on social media in particular

According to EFPIA, the Europe-wide campaign has so far reached 50 million people and can be seen in 19 languages and 27 countries. Aside from films and posters, the main focus of the campaign effort is on social media activities. As a member of EFPIA, Interpharma supports the campaign through its own channels in Switzerland, deliberately refraining from translating the materials.

The campaign will be continued in 2019.